Digital transformation has already created hype in the market since the past decade. However, it was only after the pandemic that the demand for state-of-the-art and intuitive user experience has accelerated to its zenith. According to a study from Salesforce, 78% of customers believe that after Covid-19 and the shift in lifestyles, businesses should develop their digital interface.

For this reason, a website development company has adopted new technologies and programming languages to work on, like GoLang. Considered to be one of the most innovative and powerful languages, it has disrupted the original demand and supply chain, creating a surge in the demand for new websites and apps. So, if you want your business software to outsmart its competitors and present a world-class UX, GoLang is your go-to solution.

However, prior to deciding, you should know the basic aspects of GoLang, like what exactly it entails, benefits, and so on. In this following article, we have explained the basic facts about the language that everyone should know about to make a well-informed decision.

What is GoLang and how does it work?

You will be surprised to know that it was Google which created and rolled out the GoLang programming language around 2007. It wasn’t coded for public use first. Instead, Google developers launched this new programming language for managing their internal complex codes. Once it helped them to mitigate the initial challenges, Google released the language for external use. 

Since then, the GoLang web framework is used at a rapid scale. It offers a wide range of benefits to the developers, ensuring they can come up with the most innovative and high-performing software. In addition, this programming language features an easy learning curve to ensure everyone can understand it and the applications.

Applications of GoLang language

A website development company using the GoLang language can work on multiple IT projects based on different technologies. As it is a diverse programming language with built-in libraries and packages, it ensures innovative software codes can be created in no time. Some of the areas where it is often used are:

1. Distributed network designs like APIs, web servers, and mini networks

2. Transformation of legacy system into new and robust model through end-to-end modification

3. From Google Cloud to Kubernetes, several high-end cloud applications have Go codebase

4. On-demand software development can be carried out on the GoLang framework with ease

Features of GoLang language

Before you collaborate with a website development company dealing with GoLang, you should know the major features of this programming language. This way you can have clarity about its compatibility with your concerned project or business requirements.


1. Design

GoLang was initially designed to ensure the developers can work with high-level but intuitive programming languages. Although it is based on an object-oriented concept, its features aren’t as complicated as Java, Python, and any other master OOPs. The syntaxes are easy to understand and implement to come up with the perfect web application or website.

2. Package management

One of the most outstanding features that has made GoLang web development so loved is the incorporation of package management workflow. Developers can use external packages to import all the present library functions or build their custom ones and incorporate global functions to be used in the codebase.

3. Static typing

GoLang compiler checks the static typing variables and datatypes at the compilation time rather than run-time. Therefore, developers have an upper hand in debugging or changing the variable datatypes of values. Go ensures no other change will be done in the code due to the impact of static typing.

4. Platform independent

Like several other programming platforms, you can use GoLang for web development having responsive UI and codebase. You don’t need any particular device for compiling the codes. Once all codes are uploaded on GIT, any developer can take a pull and work on a particular codebase from another machine with a different OS. This has offered more flexibility to the developers working on the GoLang language.

5. Testing support

When you hire web developer, you should ensure they know about software testing and its various components. This is why you don’t need any additional expert to handle the GoLang codes. In fact, end-to-end testing is possible within the shortest possible time with Go.

Benefits of using GoLang for website development

Before you hire the website development company, let’s have a final look at the benefits of GoLang language.

1. You will get all most library packages and functions incorporated within the language. Therefore, you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

2. It is the perfect web tool used for developing high-end applications and websites in a breeze. 

3. It improves overall speed and efficiency, so your website can score good on the search engine.


Learning about GoLang Framworks features, and other basic aspects will help you make the best decision for your IT project. Just ensure you get the best framework where you can write the Go codes and implement them.